What's new?

2016/04/18    The web site has been updated!!
2016/04/21    Welcome party for new members will be held in 21 April 2016.

To international students

The laboratory of Agricultural and Food Process Engineering is aiming to provide high quality and safe agricultural commodities and processed foods to all over the world. We are investigating various techniques that enable to ensure safety and good taste of the foods. If you are interested in the studies on food safety and quality, you are greatly welcomed. Let's enjoy and do hard work with us to improve our food system. Please feel free to contact with us.

To researchers

The laboratory of Agricultural and Food Process Engineering has been mainly studying post-harvest technologies on grains such as rice and wheat as well as fresh produce. We are also developing various sensing techniques using near infra red spectroscopy for quality evaluation of grains and other agricultural commodities. In addition, recently we are studying and developing predictive kinetic and stochastic models for microbial growth and/or inactivation to ensure microbial food safety. Since we aim to contribute to improving food industry, please let us know your precious opinions. We always welcome your proposal for collaborative studies.